Your Crisis is Your Awakening

Words are so powerful. I think about this a lot as a writer. But when it comes to speaking about myself, it can be tricky… belief systems, conditioning, cliches, stereotypes. We can all fall into negative tropes and believe things that not only aren’t serving us but simply aren’t true. Words are energy. How we […]

It’s a feminine world. We’re just living in it.

It’s a feminine world — and right now we’re living in it. The pandemic has forced us to reconnect to the feminine. Hallelujah! The feminine is…Rest. Surrender. Vulnerability. Intuition. Flow. Emotions. Love. Oneness. Creativity. Wildness. Receptivity. Self-loving. Self-nurturing. Community. The openness to just BE and to understand that life is SACRED. No wonder so many […]

You can be more than just ‘one thing’

When I decided to start this blog, a few things went through my mind. Some thoughts were exciting and inspiring ones, while others were more critical and judgmental. You can probably guess which ones were the loudest (hey, Ego! what’s up?!). What stuck out the most was a repeating block I’ve run into a number […]