Your Crisis is Your Awakening

Words are so powerful. I think about this a lot as a writer. But when it comes to speaking about myself, it can be tricky… belief systems, conditioning, cliches, stereotypes. We can all fall into negative tropes and believe things that not only aren’t serving us but simply aren’t true. Words are energy. How we speak about ourselves, our experiences, what we are going through… it all matters. Because energy equals matter. Duh. Thanks Einstein! 😉
Which brings me to the word crisis (and I mean this in the personal sense)…a midlife crisis, a spiritual crisis, identity crisis, a “what am I supposed to do with my life” crisis… it’s super easy to think these moments in our life are happening TO us…we’ve hit rock bottom…there’s something wrong with us…it’s too confusing, it’s too MUCH, etc… but What if… we reframed that. What if we switched up the word crisis for “awakening”?
What if the very thing that’s bringing you confusion is actually bringing you closer to clarity?
What if the situation that is bringing you so much sorrow is actually helping you access more joy?
What if the thing that’s making you question your worth is revealing your strengths?
What if the the thing that is causing you to feel so untethered is really bringing you closer to your soul’s calling?
You’re not having a personal crisis. You’re having a personal awakening. When we shift our perspective and change up the words we use to describe our lives, we allow ourselves to witness and experience the blessing of the lessons we are being shown and the power of who we really are. 💖


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