Fun Facts

  • Sun: Capricorn Moon: Taurus, and Rising: Pisces
  • Vedic Astrology: Sun Sagittarius (feels more accurate tbh) Moon: Aries, and Rising: Pisces
  • Human Design: Generator
  • Dosha: Vata
  • Aura: Purple Indigo
  • Myers/Brigg: INFJ
  • Life Path Number: 4

About Me

I’m a writer, soul-seeker, truth-teller, and intuitive energy worker who wants to heal the world. What, like it’s hard?

You might have read some of my works in such publications, like: BBC Future, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, HelloGiggles, The Huffington Post, SheKnows, Scary Mommy, and more.

I’m also the author of “Friendship Signs” (Adams Media), a book on astrology and friendships.

Creating authentic and vulnerable work is my jam. As a writer, Reiki 2 practitioner, intuitive and, energy healer, I am all about the human experience. The mistakes, the wins, the fails, the heartbreaks, the lessons, the dark night of the freaking soul, the second acts, the WORK. I write and create through sharing all that beautiful human stuff because that’s what I believe I am here to do: to unite and connect to you, the world, through my own story. My own healing. I want to speak, create, write from my heart ALWAYS. I want it to get funky. #NOSHAME. And from its funkiness, I want to expose the delicacy and ugly beauty of humanness, and I want us to laugh, learn, love, and mostly feel EMPOWERED through it all. 

My mission: I want us all to live life authentically inside and out, and I want us to understand that living authentically looks and feels differently to everyone, but always ALWAYS comes back to loving and living our truth. 

Do you, babe.