About Me

Hello, and thank you for stopping by. My name’s Brianne Hogan. I’m a writer and Canadian, and, no, I don’t think I will ever grow out my bangs.

My byline has appeared in numerous publications including, Elle Canada, Flare, HelloGiggles, Huffington Post, SheKnows, Organic Authority, and Yahoo! Lifestyle, among others. 

I attended New York University where I studied Dramatic Literature, Theatre History and Film Studies. I’m also an acting school drop-out, as well as a long-time learner at The Second City in Toronto. Before writing full-time I’ve worked as a waitress, a dog walker, a grass cutter, and a certified personal trainer and healthy eating coach — and collected a heck of lot of research for stories in the process.  But mostly, I lived. Because here’s the thing about life: it’s messy. It’s non-linear. And, no, not everyone has it all figured it out. 

Which is why creating authentic and vulnerable work is my jam. I love writing about the human experience. The mistakes, the wins, the fails, the losses, the heartbreaks, the lessons. Whether it’s through dating, sex, spirituality, wellness, or self-discovery, I write about all of that human stuff. You’ll find most of my writing on this site, although I’ve also written about man caves and business tariffs, so I’ve saved you from reading that. (You’re welcome.)

My first book, “Friendship Signs,” a book on friendship and astrology, will be released in May 2019. I’m repped by Eric Smith at P.S. Literary Agency. 

And if I could pass on any wisdom to my younger self (or anyone, really) I’d say this: you’re doing better than you think you are. And that unique and unconventional lifestyle that no one else understands but that lights you up? Do more of that. xox