What if…detachment means you fully trust in your path?

I used to think that detachment meant I didn’t care. The idea of letting go scared the shit out of me. What if I surrendered… and the thing didn’t come? It didn’t happen? Don’t I need to be actively involved in my desires? Don’t I need to be consistently acting upon them and thinking about them in order to make them happen?
It’s a masculine way of living. And while there’s a time and place for Aligned action, I think there’s been too much emphasis on doing and controlling and forcing…because ultimately doesn’t that make us feel bad? Doesn’t it make us anxious and overwhelmed and not enough?
So what if we let go? What if we detached from the things we most want in life with the knowingness that’ll it come to us? That just by being our true selves, by doing the things that authentically light us up, that everything we dream of happening… will happen? Simply because it’s magnetizing to us? Simply because we are magnetic when we let go and trust? Trust that we are on the right path? Trust that we are being guided? Trust that we are always being taken care of? Trust that… detachment doesn’t mean apathy. It doesn’t mean giving up. But that it means deeply trusting that we are meant to have our desires simply by being… ourselves.


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