Your desires are the key to your soul

We feel guilty for our desires. Why? Our desires make us feel GOOD. They keep us curious and excited about life. Why on earth should we suppress them?

Our desires are everything. They show us to our true path. They whisper to us our true selves. What you wish with all your heart — no matter how big or small or silly or serious — those desires are the key 🔑 to what your life longs to be… if you just follow where it’s leading you and unlock that door. Heck, bust it down! Stop shaming yourself for wanting what you want. Stop telling yourself you can’t have it.

I say this because I’ve been there. And I can still struggle with this. When I’m forcing myself to do things, when I’m “should-ing” myself to death, when I’m confused… not only am I out of alignment, I know I’m not heeding my desires. I’m depriving myself of what I truly want. Which means I’m depriving myself of who I truly am.

When you’re in the mind and confused about where you want to go next or what you should do…

Instead… ask — what do I WANT? start telling yourself you can have what you want and you deserve what you want. Dive deep into your desires. Chase them, savour them, embody them, soak them in, let them envelop and magnetize to you.

If you’re in doubt of what to do next or where to go, ask yourself — what do you DESIRE most? Answer with your body not the mind. Then go from there.

We only live once. Let’s make it as pleasurable as possible, no? ✨🔥


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