Flow into who you’re meant to be

Egads! What a VIBE we are in right now! (Haha I dunno if I’m on board with that slang but here we are..) anyway, new moon in Gemini ♊️ 🌚, solar eclipse 🌞 energy… usually new moons are about new beginnings… but this solar eclipse is commanding us to shed what no longer works so we can step into who we always were/are. The twins represent duality… to me, I feel it’s time to let go of the side we show to the world, the identity we have tightly created and held onto… so we can fully embody the true side of us that lies beneath. The one that’s aligned more to our soul’s truth, the side of us who we ourselves only know… even if it’s been fragments felt every now and then… it’s that side of us who we secretly love and adore and celebrate but we hold back from totally embodying and going for it… because it’s new and it’s scary and it means we must… let go. Let go of who we thought we had to be, let go of the things we thought we had to do, so we can fully step into who we really are… change is in the air. There’s a new vibration elevating the earth right now. It’s subtly there, you can feel it if you let yourself feel it… and it’s beckoning us to go with the flow… flow into who and what we long to be, who we truly are… no fucks given if only the fuck that you have only one beautiful life… so what do you want it to look like? And who are you in this life? Now what can you shed to become this, and what new VIBE (belief system, actions, new ways of thinking and being) can you embrace to be and have all that you already are? 🔥 And in true Gemini fashion, let’s go nuts! #yesitsafilter


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