Allow the universe to move you to the new places where you’re destined to be

Life sure is funny. Over the last five years, I’ve moved to the provinces I’ve vacationed to. Check it out.

In 2016, I visited PEI for a month. The next year, I moved there.

In 2019, I visited BC for a week. Almost exactly a year later, I moved here.

(Yes, I’ve moved to opposite ends of the country within 4 1/2 years.)

I didn’t plan any of this. I visited these beautiful places with the intention of enjoying myself. I fell in love with them, sure. And, okay, yes, I secretly made a wish to myself each time that I would LIKE to move there ONE DAY. But I really didn’t think it would happen so quickly. And I guess that’s how the universe works sometimes. I didn’t move to these places by simply wishing on a star. I followed my gut. I took a risk and did whet I needed to do…no matter how scary and uncertain it was…and allowed life to take the wheel. I say this and I am by no means an expert in this. Allowing is something I struggle with (so much so that I’m thinking of tattooing it on my arm along with the “trust” and “let go” that’s already on there which I know PRETTY MUCH MEANS THE SAME THING). But when I think back to instances like these ones, including when I only applied to one university (NYU) because I thought it was my destiny to move to NYC (I got in btw), I see how life/universe is there to help support us and expand us when we choose to believe and show up for ourselves.
Keep making those secret wishes with your heart. Believe they can come true while also following your intuition and taking inspired actions. Even if it feels scary. Take the leap even if there’s no net. Trust what you want to happen can and will happen. And then… allow, and let the universe move you to the new places where you’re destined to be.


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