Repeat after me: I am Limitless

Happy June.

I’ve been playing with the idea of being limitless since I think it’s so common for us to place limitations on ourselves before we even DO anything. Often we think of all the reasons and whys and ways we can’t have or do or be what we want before we try. We think, “I can’t make money doing THAT because…” [insert limiting belief] or “I can’t do that because…” [insert limiting belief].
Does this sound familiar?
Limiting beliefs are anything rooted in lack, scarcity, but mostly always fear. Our subconscious/ego keeps us playing small and second guessing ourselves because our past and present is all we know. To believe in anything else, especially anything that’s expansive and different and new, scares the shit out of us because… what if it doesn’t work out? What if I fail? We automatically put limitations on ourselves before we allow ourselves to succeed.
I do this too. And it’s because leaping before the net appears is uncertain but uncertainty needn’t be scary if we have self trust. If we believe that new things can bring us new joys, thrills, and abundance. How can it not? If where we are isn’t satisfying to us, then isn’t the only solution to try something new? To expand beyond our current limitations and reach for the stars? ✨ Why stay put when we know we will always keep wondering, what if? What if I did it? What if I knew I was limitless and believed I live in a limitless world?
The only person who’s getting in the way of what you want is… you.
Repeat after me: I am limitless. And let’s see where that takes us this month. 💕⚡️


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