Manifestation hack!

Manifestation hack! Here’s what I’ve been doing for the last six months or so…
I set my alarm at 2:22 (love those angel numbers) and for 3:33 minutes (again, the angel numbers) I visualize on what I want to bring into my life. Sometimes I use the entire time to meditate 🧘‍♂️ on one thing. Other times it’s little snippets of ALL the things. The important thing is… I’m clear as to what I want and I’m attaching a feeling to that thing.
I’m feeling… abundant. Creative. Successful. Accomplished. Loved. Joyful. Excited. Luxurious.
I also feel as if what is happening is happening in terms of details. What am I wearing? What am I doing? What do those things feel like? Example: what does the car smell like? Am i in the summer or fall?
Manifestation is all about clarity and consistency, and confidence. Mixed in with a little bit of magic and aligned action. Your dreams can’t come true unless you see them and believe in them. And if you can’t take my word for it, well, quantum physics essentially tells us the same thing — when you act like you have it, you can’t help but attract it in.
And we all believe in quantum physics right? 🤪
Also… manifesting isn’t pulling a rabbit out of a hat and ta dah! You get everything you want without lifting a finger. No! But it does help attune you to the life you want. You get to experience it beforehand and it pumps your tires!! You can see yourself having and doing all that you want and helps you to see that all that you dream of can become reality.
Above all, visualization gets you excited about those dreams and is a great timeout in the day. Try it! You can’t get it wrong! ✨


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