What would Little You be proud of?

I think it’s easy to think about what you haven’t done and what you want to do instead of what you already have and what you’ve already created in your life. Have you ever looked at your life and thought… this is where I am and how COOL and AMAZING is that?! LIKE, if little Brie knew where she would be now…

— She lived in Italy and New York City! And then PEI and Vancouver!
— She’s still best friends with some of her friends from high school and has a group of amazing friends who love and support her (and vice versa)
— She’s written two published books! (And hopefully more soon)
— she’s an advocate for animals
— She has her own beautiful apartment that’s styled in her aesthetic
— She has certifications in everything from reiki to healthy eating to barre
— She’s been in love
— She wrote numerous plays that were produced in festivals
— She’s a cat mom
— she’s climbed the CN TOWER!
— She’s had her ups and downs and disappointments and heartaches but she’s so wiser and more attuned of who she is because of it
— she’s financially responsible
— she can drive a stick shift
— she moves her body daily
— she’s constantly growing and evolving and learning how to love herself especially her shadow side
— she’s still a good crier but she loves her sensitivity and empathy rather than is ashamed of it (unlike little Brie)
— She was on a televised game show for an entire week! And almost won!
— she is confident with travelling solo and enjoys eating dinner alone in restaurants
— she still looks like she’s in her 20s at 38
— she’s interviewed countless people in a wide array of industries and is constantly inspired by her writing work
— she’s good at speaking her mind
— she’s a great cook
— she’s really good at breaking the ice
— she’s pretty sure she was eye fucked by Bruce Willis once
— she was an extra on a movie (yes with Bruce Willis)
— she has a deep appreciation and understanding of her gifts and knows there’s still so much more for her to do and create
— and she’s still got bitchin’ style and rocks those bangs 💅
What can you tell little you what you’ve done that you love?


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