It’s a feminine world. We’re just living in it.

It’s a feminine world — and right now we’re living in it.

The pandemic has forced us to reconnect to the feminine. Hallelujah!

The feminine is…Rest. Surrender. Vulnerability. Intuition. Flow. Emotions. Love. Oneness. Creativity. Wildness. Receptivity. Self-loving. Self-nurturing. Community. The openness to just BE and to understand that life is SACRED.

No wonder so many of us have pushed and pulled against this current world dynamic.

The feminine has been denigrated, silenced, manipulated and shamed for centuries. Instead we have prioritized and celebrated the masculine. Hyperfocused on productivity, structure, logic, stoicism, destruction, dominance, and aggression. And, let’s be honest, burnout, ’cause duh. See all of the above.

By desecrating the feminine, we’ve lost touch with laws of nature. MOTHER nature. She’s called a mother for a reason. What she provides for us, within the natural rhythm and dance of life, is rooted in the feminine. Her nurturing. The ease and flow of the seasons. The artistry and self-sustainment of nature. The abundance and the synchronicity of the Universe.

We have forgotten that by just BEING we can create a lot in our lives (love joy connection prosperity) and be just as if not MORE fulfilled than by DOING.

Now is the perfect opportunity to tap into the feminine. How can you listen and heed your intuition? How can you express your emotions? What can you create in your life? How can you let go more? How can you trust more? How can you make life a little easier and a little more authentic?

In truth, we need both (healthy) masculine and feminine energies to create and build a sustaining and beautiful life (and PS we all have these polarities by the way).

However, as time has proved, life wasn’t THAT great before this shutdown. Do we really want to go back to a world that denounces the feminine and strictly relies on the hyper masculine? HELL NO. True fulfillment comes when we can return to our natural selves — and not what the world told us who we should be like.

It’s time to reintegrate the feminine back into our lives as a much-needed aspect of what it means to be HUMAN.

Happy International Women’s Day. 💋


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