What are the gifts of your triggers?

Recently I started to play with my triggers. When something or someone triggers me, especially on social media, instead of disconnecting or backing away, I get curious. I am aware that whatever is triggering me — whether it’s what someone has or looks like or their vibe — is reflecting something inside of me. Oftentimes what we see in someone else, that thing, that vibe, whatever it is which ignites envy or FOMO or comparison, is mirroring exactly what we have already inside of us. They’re just holding up a mirror to whatever you already possess — so in a way the trigger is the gift. And now it’s up to you to switch it, flip the script, and turn that shadow into light. Digging deep and acknowledging the shadow/dark side of life is hard shit.

But here’s the thing…there’s always darkness before the dawn. Endings beget beginnings. When we are able to confront our triggers, we allow that whatever we are holding onto that no longer serves us is coming to the surface. This can be anything. Behaviours, actions, beliefs, relationships, jobs, you name it. When this happens, and we are aware that it’s something we need to shed — especially when there’s shame attached to it— the shedding of it can hurt like hell. But like a snake 🐍 who needs to shed its skin, we do it because it’s time to grow. It’s time to evolve and level up. Snakes shed their skin because it’s grown old and worn out, and because old parasites have attached to it. Who wants that shit?  No one. Even if you’ve gotten used to the skin you’ve been wearing, you gotta admit when something is no longer working for you as hard as it might be. Getting rid of old shit help us to transform into something new, and powerful and authentic. It brings you back to you.

Let the triggers show you the way to this new start. See what they’re inspiring in you rather than pushing them away. Acknowledge the gifts of your shadow and let this newfound integration lead you down the path of who you’re meant to be


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