How I deal with my anxiety

Things I did to help my anxiety this week.

Accepted I have anxiety. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not, sometimes I don’t know it’s there. This week it was there. Hi.

Booked a massage and cleaning service. Took things off my mind and my plate.

Finally gave into my naturopath to prescribe supplements to help ease the triggers.

Took baths whenever I wanted. CBD bath bombs are, well, the bomb.

Rested. Didn’t force. Didn’t try to get things done. Didn’t beat myself up for it. Just relaxed.

Meditated. Played anxiety relief music on YouTube. Reminded myself to be present.

Cuddled with my cat. Animals are amazing. They know when something’s up.

Switched out coffee (for now) for matcha 🍵 after realizing it was triggering me.

Radically self nourished myself. See above… but also, consciously told myself I was going to take care of myself. Intentionally did things that only made me feel good.

Unclenched my jaw. Reminded myself to breathe. Focused on my heart chakra.

Talked about it. Shared my feelings with friends and my mom. Discussed it with my dermatologist after I had an attack in her office. Talked about it here. The more we share, the less we feel alone. The more we can help and support each other. We can feel like we are in this together.

Anxiety, yes, but I also blame the New moon in Cancer. 😂🤪❤️


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