Why creating is my soul’s work

What makes you feel like you? For me, it’s creating. I don’t see creating as working. I see as an extension/expression of my soul. This is why I write on the weekends, or create podcasts (okay just one! Coming soon! @doyoupod) or dance or cook new recipes or create silly reels. I don’t know what I would do without following the impulse to… create.
And the cool thing is, we are ALL creative beings. Creativity is our innate gift. It’s how we choose to use and express our creativity that makes us who we are. I think a lot of us believe, “I’m not creative” or “I couldn’t do that” or “I’m not talented like that.” Which is all just based in fear… fear of truly expressing who we are… fear of messing it up… fear of looking stupid…fear of not getting it right. I have these same fears too… ultimately, though, I’m MORE afraid of NOT creating the things I want to create. I’m more afraid of NOT following through with the things I’ve dreamed of making. Of not creating a life that looks and feels like me.
Can you relate?
So, we do it anyway. Step by step. Even if it takes us weeks, months, years to complete (I have a novel that’s been in the making for a long ass time and working on that this year has been my new goal).
We keep daring to express and create and move through the fear because we deserve to. Because that’s what we are here to do. ✨
What are you creating in your life now?


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