Self-care also means showing up as our higher selves

Self-care often means doing hard things. Uncomfortable things. Like, stepping out of our patterns and old ways of being in order to create the life we desire.
A new technique that I’ve been playing with is choosing to show up as my highest self. The self who I want to embody. The self who has the life I want to have. How does SHE do life? When confronted with certain situations, what would she do? How would she respond? When faced with choices, between new and old ways, what would she do? What action would she take? How And why? And also… what’s her ENERGY like? ✨
So often we can get stuck in patterns, habits and behaviour and beliefs that don’t serve us because it’s how we’ve always been. Even if those actions and thoughts are painful or harmful, we still do them because it’s all we know. It’s easier. We might even be aware that what we are doing isn’t what we truly want, we might feel shame, we might feel disappointed or angry at ourselves, but the alternative is so out of our comfort zone that… we just stay stuck.
Choosing to do things differently require us to be different. Speaking differently, acting differently, choosing differently. This doesn’t mean we are pretending to be someone who we are not, but rather allowing ourselves to step into the person who chooses healing and authenticity over pain and stagnancy.
That’s the ultimate act of self care. Deciding you no longer want to stay in bondage from your past, and instead knowing you deserve to be free. 💕🌈🌟


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