Change can feel like Freedom

These captions, like the one above, can be inspiring, but what makes them true and real is our ability to lean into and trust ourselves as we embrace CHANGE. Change gets a bad reputation. Change feels hard and icky. It can also be scary and anxiety-riddled since it’s so uncertain. It’s definitely uncomfortable at times. So there’s little wonder why we resist it. We stay in the relationship, the job, the city, just a little bit longer than we should because… change. We hold onto our toxic habits and behaviours because… change. But what if change wasn’t something to run away from, and instead, the very thing we embrace? What if we flipped the script and perceived change as a means to freedom?
Aquarius is all about freedom and transformation for the highest good, and this can be a powerful time for ourselves and the collective… but only if we actually do something about it.
Change requires action. And it requires consistency, especially if we’ve been hardwired to act and think certain ways for years. It’s possible to take steps towards our biggest dreams, while also radically taking care of ourselves. It starts with baby steps, self-awareness, and tons of self compassion. It’s building self trust with small promises to yourself. It’s recognizing your knee jerk reactions and choosing to respond differently even if it feels crunchy. It’s choosing integrity even if things seem out of control because your highest vision for yourself outweighs your ego. And remember “dreams” don’t always mean ditching your job and becoming a Tiktok star, or moving to Paris with the love of your life (although it certainly can). Often our dreams are smaller and more intimate. It might mean learning how to advocate for yourself. It mean taking care of your health. It might mean finishing that forgotten creative project. Or maybe joining a new club to meet new people. Or maybe communicating in a new way. The thing is, these choices and actions reflect the YOU who you want to be. And when we let go of the old and instead do things that are good and healthy and uplifting to us, we can’t help but shift the vibration of the planet. Lean into the authentic you, begin to execute your vision, and let your inner Sasha Fierce guide you. When you rise, we all rise. 🔥❤️


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