Here’s what a spiritual awakening really feels like

For me, it happened on the tiny Prince Edward Island in Canada. In a 600-square-foot cottage that I shared with my parents in my mid-thirties. My bedroom didn’t even have a door.

Looking back I think… God, what was that?

And it was… A return to myself.

A return that involved (and still does) lot of healing. A lot of restructuring within. So much shame to acknowledge and accept (still working on that). Soooo many questions. A rock bottom. An ocean of tears. And then a deep knowing that something had to change. I had to change. Or, rather, return to ME.

But let’s go back to the beginning…

I didn’t know at the time that I was experiencing a spiritual awakening. Because here’s the thing…more often than not a spiritual awakening happens on an ordinary day. A string of days, weeks, months even. And you don’t even know you’re having this awakening, you just know that everything feels off. You feel off. Life has shifted in some way for you — typically after some shit has hit the fan— you know you can’t go back to what you’ve lived before.

Life has shifted within you, too.

But you don’t know how or why exactly. You just feel different. But that difference you feel is actually who you truly are. Underneath the patterns and the conditioning you’ve grown up. Underneath the old stories. You are actually feeling YOU, your soul, and it’s longing to break free.

You don’t know this at the time. You don’t even know that what you’re experiencing is a spiritual awakening either. All you know is there’s a truth to you and your life that you want to explore and fulfill… you feel clear and focused, on a mission… and you feel a lot of gratitude and grace for where you’ve been…and a lightness and excitement for who you are and where you are meant to be.

OK. This is what happens AFTER the awakening. During it, tbh, you feel like hell. It’s shit. You question your life and the choices you’ve made and you don’t know why you did what you did and how you ended up where you did BUT you do know it’s for a purpose, and it’s led you here to this shitty moment (maybe even a long ass moment that stretches on for months) and you’re in the weeds. Nothing feels right. Nothing fits well on you. It’s like you’re wearing this itchy sweater you can’t take off. But, oh look — the glimmer of hope you feel in your bones, THAT is the light calling you home to your self. And only then, when you claim the light and take off the sweater is when you realize you’ve had a spiritual awakening.

Which is really your soul telling you to wake the fuck up and be YOU, silly rabbit.

If you’ve experienced this, then you have had a spiritual awakening, my friend. The work doesn’t end here, though. The work has JUST begun. But this is when it gets really good. Because now you’re going ALL IN with your life, and who your soul knows you to be. So the work is YOUR REAL LIFE.

The best part? This life feels so fucking fantastic, you’ll never — and you can’t — go back to what was.

And thank GODDESS for that.


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