If you’re feeling like you’ve got to rest, rest.

Eclipse season is real. Yowza. You feeling these energies? Subtle or strong, there’s a shift coming on. If you’re feeling like you’ve got to rest, rest. Big changes are coming for the rest of this year. We’re going to make some meaningful decisions that will change the trajectory of our lives whether on a major or minor scale… but still, whatever it is, it’s going to be legit. Which is why we might be called to rest now. Listen to your body and spirit. Where do you need nourishing? How can you be gentle with yourself? We’ve all got to rest and prep before the start of a big undertaking, like a marathon. We need the right stamina to endure what lies ahead. We like to dive in or push…but… how about if we let the space nurture us instead? Trust the rhythm of your soul. You’ll move when you need to. In the meantime I’m in my sweats, snacking on crudités and getting to watch Pretty in Pink. I’m in a gentle cozy cocoon mode, and while it might seem we’ve been here all year (ha!) there’s a rhyme to the universe’s reason. I find what I resist continues to persist, so… John Hughes it is. 🤩😍 🎀


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