I feel like I’ve died a million ego deaths

I feel like I’ve died a million ego deaths (and cried the matching tears) over the last 18 months as I shed layers and layers of myself… old self… wounded self…
But today… I celebrate myself.
I celebrate:

Launching my second book in two years (and companion journal)

Quitting a job to go all in on myself, in a way I’ve never done before

Going back to acting as a woman in her late 30s and not giving a 🦆

Having the most wonderful friends near and far, from Toronto to Rhode Island to Saskatchewan to Oregon, who continue to support and love me (and I love them!)

For being me. For surviving. For thriving. For doing hard things during a hard time, like moving to a new city alone because I believe my heart knows best.
Because it does. Always.

And… my fire clothes. I mean, who doesn’t love a good fashion haul? 🔥 sometimes you gotta dress the part to boost the vibe, ya know?


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