To All The Things I’ve Loved Before…and Still! Why I’m Creating a Blog.

Yes it’s me again / And I’m back / Oh I oh I oh I yeah…(TLC, Creep)


I’m creating a blog filled with all the things that I love.

A lot of you might know me as a writer but there’s really so much more to me than that. After all, we can be more than ONE THING (I’ll write about this soon). I have soooo many interests and passions, many of which are rooted in self-care, spirituality, and wellness. (Which, not surprisingly, is connected to the next big project of mine that I can’t wait to announce!) I’ve been trusting my instincts more than ever, and my gut was telling me to do this…so here we are.

It’s been a loooong time getting here. I’ve hemmed and hawed about starting a blog…but there are so many things that I love to talk and would love to share with others…and I am always looking for different outlets to express myself…so here I am. Creating a blog like it’s 2002.

Personally I love when people share their favourite things with me. It provides a little peak behind the curtain on someone’s life (the dirt on celebs’ morning routines is a personal fave). I also like trying on new things, whether it’s experimenting with a new recipe, or a new workout, or committing to a new meditation practice, and see how they fit on me. I like learning about how other people make sense of being a human. What do they like to eat? How do they work out? What helps them connect to their soul? I take a little bit of what resonates, leave the rest…Typically from learning about others and how they perceive the world, I tend to learn more about myself. What do I like? What don’t I like? What have I been scared to try but I really, really want to? Never deny the power of the ol’ monkey see, monkey do. “Well, if they can do it, so can I!”

That’s why I want this blog (god, could we have not come up with a prettier term than that?) to be a love letter to all the things I hold sacred to my life. All the components that make up my routine. My rituals. The things I’m most curious and passionate about. The things that have helped anchor me even as my life was turning upside down, inside out. All the things that help sparked joy despite feeling anything but. The things that give me roots so I can move forward and grow. The things I was scared of trying at first but ended up being exactly what I needed. All the things that make me feel like my most authentic self…

brianne hogan in glasses


Self-care is my lifeline. It’s how I return to my best self. And I feel like my BEST-EST self (I know that’s not a real word…let’s move on) when I’m being of service to others. Nothing gooses me up more as a writer when I receive an e-mail or a DM about how a piece of mine resonated with someone, helping them feeling less alone and more seen. Or how something I wrote really inspired them to do the thing they always wanted to do! And, honestly? I’ve never felt more like me, the real me, than right now. What better time to do a little deep dive into what’s been helping me return to my soul?

So that’s why I want to share these soulful self-care things with you. Here’s what I have on the agenda:

MOVEMENT. I love to move my body. I was certified in personal training, and fitness remains a passion of mine. Anything from HIIT to barre to yoga to Pilates and weight training. Dance has reemerged as the thing that really fires me up! I believe that being confident in our movement and choosing the exercises that make us feel alive and free are the most important to feeling good.

RECIPES. Cooking is a passion of mine, and I consider myself a pretty decent amateur cook! I’m plant-based and I love experimenting with new recipes. Not too many people know this but I’m also a certified healthy eating coach so creating food that hits all the right notes — flavour + nutrition — is my jam. When the food we eat not only tastes good but makes us feel good? That’s the money, right there.

SPIRITUAL SHIT. I’ve been manifesting stuff since I was kid. My favourite thing to do as a teen was visiting the local occult shop and buying crystals, tarot cards, and learning more about intuition, astrology, and meditation. Back in the ’90s, that was considered weird. Now? I’m on trend, baby! My spiritual practice has shifted over the years but my dedication to having one has never waned. Now as a certified reiki healer, I’m more committed to using and sharing my energetic gifts and know-how to spread the love and light and cosmic goodness.

WRITING. I will never not write nor will I ever not talk about writing. Writing to me is like breathing. I can’t live if I don’t write. With bylines in more than 50 publications, including The Washington Post, Elle Canada, BuzzFeed, and BBC, I have tons to share about writing…it ain’t all glam a la Carrie Bradshaw but if it’s something you’re called to do, then you must write! I can’t wait to share some of my tips and insights from my 10+ year career with you.

BEAUTY/FASHION. I am obsessed with skincare. That’s my beauty routine. Good skin. Mostly because I’ve struggled with acne, uneven texture, dryness and oiliness for the past 15 years. I’m always on the lookout for healthy, clean, cruelty-free, organic products that help my skin sing.

Fashion for me is a form of self-expression. I think our personality shines through our clothes but more so I think our energy is often dictated by our choice of wardrobe. Does wearing a dress make you feel sexy or uncomfortable? Personally for me it can be either, and I don’t want to force myself to wear something to feel something that just doesn’t feel like ME. I’m excited to dive into these topics because, while I’m not the most girly girl out there, I think when we love who we are, it shows by the clothes we choose to wear. Beauty and fashion can be forms of self-care too!

GOOD OLD FASHIONED INSPO. Sometimes I’m inspired to share a nugget or two of what I’ve experienced and/or experiencing. I see myself as a truth-teller, so speaking from my heart is how I express and process life. I also believe being honest and transparent with what’s behind the ‘gram or byline is crucial for our well-being. We’re all human with human shit to deal with. Let’s connect not compare. We are all here to learn from each other — vulnerability is powerful and underrated, and, also…sexy.

So voila! That’s all she wrote…for now. The new content will be rolling out steadily sometime shortly…I’m excited to be here and share with you my soulful self-care tips.

Most of all, thank YOU for being here.







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