Demand abundance; it’s okay for you to want more

When it comes to abundance, invoke the spirit of Taurus. Taurus is all about abundance. It’s a luxe life for the bull. They love to indulge their five senses. They love money. They love being at the top of their game. They love looking and feeling good. They love love.
New moons are great opportunities to set new intentions for the next month (lunar cycle). What do you want to bring into fruition over the coming four weeks? The vibe of Taurus tells us… plan and dream big. Demand what you want to the universe and expect it. Claim it. Abundance is our birthright. We deserve big beautiful things in all aspects of our lives. Where in your life can you ask more of yourself and of the universe? Where can you step up and stop playing small? But also… how would it feel to have what you want? Imagine that now. Feel it with those five senses. And know/believe/trust you can have all that you want and more. Taurus is a hard worker. They are slow and steady but they get what they want (they’re stubborn that way). Be ruthlessly stubborn for the life you imagine. Don’t stop dreaming it. Don’t stop believing it can happen. And don’t stop taking inspired action towards it. You deserve it all. Now go get it.


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