Fun Facts

  • Sun: Capricorn / Moon: Taurus / Rising: Pisces
  • Human Design: 1/3 Sacral Generator
  • Dosha: Vata
  • Aura: Purple Indigo
  • Myers/Brigg: INFJ
  • Life Path Number: 4

About Me

I’m a storyteller and my motto is DO YOU. Because I want us all to honour the truth of our souls and live life from the heart.

What, like it’s hard?

You might have read some of my writing in such publications, like: BBC Future, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, HelloGiggles, The Huffington Post, SheKnows, Scary Mommy, as well as my book, “Friendship Signs” (Adams Media), on astrology and friendships.

I consider myself a wellness-obsessed mystical goofball. 

The wellness-obsessed side of me: I am a certified barre instructor, healthy eating coach (I thrive on a mostly plant-based diet), and have a background in personal training. I believe in feeling good, and honouring our bodies, and how we nourish ourselves from exercise to nutrition to self-care. Mind, body, soul…

The mystic side of me: I’m a certified reiki practitioner, an intuitive, and divine feminine. I live my life committed to leaning into/embracing cosmic consciousness and goddess vibes. Lots of aligned action, co-creating, energy work, lunar intentions, astrology, and overall magic happening in these parts.

And dancing, lots of dancing.

The goofball part of me:  I love to laugh and (hopefully) make others laugh, too. With a background in improv and sketch comedy, I enjoy infusing my work with a giant dose of funny and silly whenever I can.  

Storytelling, creating, wellness, and living with intention from the inside, out, is what lights me up. 

Because isn’t that the thing? Doing the things that light us up?

But my life wasn’t always this groovy or intentional. I bumped against life A LOT. When I was in my twenties (after graduating from NYU with a degree in Dramatic Lit & Film Studies), I worked a variety of jobs, including everything from a grass cutter to a dog walker to a terrible server to a hot dog vendor. I struggled with owning who I was. What my soul was trying to tell me. I doubted myself. I didn’t trust my gifts or abilities. I lived in scarcity mode. I was focused more on surviving than thriving because I didn’t trust the Universe had my back; more importantly, I didn’t trust ME. 

I didn’t give myself time to create from my soul. I didn’t take time for deep self-care or nourishment or even reflection. I survived on being “busy” and getting inspiration from what other people were doing. I was looking at what everyone else was doing — having the house, the marriage, the “security” and I felt I was falling short. 

Sure, I had nudges of intuition and sometimes I followed what my soul was guiding me to do, but sometimes I didn’t. If I did follow my truth, I would follow it to basically the bare minimum of what I was actually capable of doing. I wasn’t clear with what I wanted (and this goes for relationships too).


Because I was scared of my potential. Scared of not being supported. Scared of not getting what I wanted. Scared of doing it wrong. Scared that I wouldn’t be accepted. Essentially, I was scared of living my life according to what felt good to ME.

I wasn’t listening to what was authentically good for ME and MY SOUL. I was living life from the mind and not from the gut. And lemme tell you: when you do that, you only end up running in circles of dissatisfaction. 

But I didn’t know what I was doing until I hit a wall in my mid-thirties. I had a Dark Night of the Soul. My spiritual awakening. And guess what?

I woke the fuck up. 

It took many years for me to wake up. It took many detours, and failed situationships and horrible housing situations and dead-end jobs, for me to choose better. For me to CHOOSE ME. Enter the motto: DO YOU (which I got tattooed on my arm at 30).

And now? I feel more ALIGNED, more CONFIDENT, and more FEMININE and ALIVE than ever. 

This is what I know to be true: when we are guided by our intuition and by the things that light us up, then we are on our way home. 

This is why creating authentic and vulnerable work is my jam. As a writer and wellness junkie, and someone who’s obsessed with conscious cosmic co-creating, I am all about the human experience. What does it mean to be a human BEING? What does it look like when we drop our conditioning of who we SHOULD BE and dive deep into the SOUL of who we TRULY ARE?

I’m committed to learning and growing — and CREATING — from this life. I believe in embracing it all: the mistakes, the wins, the fails, the heartbreaks, the lessons, the dark night of the freaking soul, the second acts, every human-y thing that it takes to realize: it’s about the journey, not the destination. 

It’s about THRIVING, not surviving. 

It’s about making this ride as juicy as we can get it. 

I create and share from all this beautiful human stuff because that’s what I believe I am here to do: to unite and connect through storytelling/baring my truth. 

I am devoted to creating and living from my heart, my truth, ALWAYS.

Because when we do, we feel seen and heard. We feel less alone. We drop down into our oneness. 

My mission: I want us all to live life authentically with every molecule of our being. I want us to follow our curiosity, and lead from our hearts. And mostly I want us to understand that living authentically looks and feels differently to everyone, but it always ALWAYS comes back to loving and living our truth. 

And THAT is more than enough. You are enough. 

So, DO YOU, babe.