It’s Time to Level Up.


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This summer has been one heck of a humdinger. Have you felt it? Things are definitely a-shifting. On a personal note, I’ve been experimenting with a lot of new ventures and ideas. Honestly, I don’t know where these things will take me, and the type A Capricorn side of me definitely HATES not being in control, but I gotta say I kinda like following my curiosity and just easing up to where it’s leading me. I feel like the beginning of summer hit me like a ton of bricks, and now…I feel like I’m floating. A little bumblebee going from flower to flower. Maybe here is where I will land? Or is it here? I might not know where I am going to land YET but I know I am being led somewhere that is more expansive and more aligned with me. I don’t know how I know this…I JUST DO. And guess what? I bet you feel the same way.

There’s been a lot of craziness happening in the cosmos over the last couple of months. We had all sorts of retrogrades, including our old friend, Mercury, and then we had some serious New Moon energy. Today marks the Lion’s Gate, which we will feel until the 12th. Even if you’re not into that sort of stuff, I have a sneaking suspicion you’ve been also playing around with different thoughts and ideas and paths as to where you want to be, and what feels most like YOU.

So here’s the deal, fam. We’ve got fresh beginnings mixed with…releasing. Lots of releasing and surrendering, and that shit is HARD. So… stop to check in with yourself and examine how the last few weeks — months — have been. Emotional? A little anxiety riddled? Impatient? Have you felt like you’re on the precipice of something…big? Wonderful? Different? All of the above? Have you been releasing old shit (people, things, patterning)? Have you been dreaming of new shit? The good news is…we’ve been prepping for this moment. The better news is you can have whatever your little heart desires. The caveat is…do you believe it? And can you step into the new framework with growth mindset? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again without changing internally (and expecting our outer world to change). That’s not evolution. We can only have and be what we want when we act, think, and believe like the person who is THAT person.

For example, you must believe in hope if you want to be a hopeful person. You must love openly and honestly if you want more honest love. You must be the mother effing boss if you want to be the boss. Old ways don’t open new doors. Shedding old skin is uncomfortable. But you can’t get there from here while you’re still stuck on being here. One foot in, one foot out doesn’t work either. So just…jump. Jump into the new level of life that you deserve. Listen to that inner voice that’s gently pushing you towards the thing that is really exciting you right now. Nothing is too big or too small. No judgment. What is it that you most want? And then embody the person who can handle that. In other words… be you but the more expansive you that can handle that next level of life. Because you can.

(But wait until next week because the energies are still weird af.)