It’s OK to Rest, Girl.

This is a picture of a stubborn woman who has finally thrown in the towel and is resting her bod. Fuck. I don’t like resting. I especially don’t like resting when I have a 10k coming up in four days. But here we are: sweaty, messy hair, days old pajamas, in bed, resting with a head cold. I fought against it initially, as I usually do. Went hard at boxing class on Monday, throwing a middle finger at the cold virus. I talked myself up to running 5k last night… only to collapse in bed at 5pm, bury myself under the covers and watched Riverdale instead. I don’t like giving in and giving up. But I’m learning that resting is actually anything but that. Resting is a GOOD thing. It’s the body’s way of telling us that we’ve been going too hard, neglecting our needs — physically, emotionally, spiritually — and often times the resting time is used for us to gather our energy for the next big phase/movement/change in our lives. It’s like our body is this amazing fortune 🔮 teller who knows what’s in store for us, so it’s all, “Shut up and go to sleep because if you knew what’s around the bend, you’ll be glad you did!” I’m slowly getting it. I’m appreciating the rest time, little by little. So when it happens, I’m like: “OKKKKKK. I guess I will!” So I’m getting it. Slowly. But first fighting it all the way, tbh. It’s a process. 🙈😂😷 #wednesdaywisdom

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