Hi. I’m Brianne. You can call me Brie, if you want.


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Hi. I’m Brianne. Most people call me Brie, but it’s okay if you don’t. I’m a freelance writer and tend to write about wellness and relationships which is amazing because that’s my JAM. I’m also a published author (clink the link in my bio to buy FRIENDSHIP SIGNS) and am in the midst of the next thing: a book proposal. .

I’m #plantbased 🌱 because animals are my people, and I don’t want our earth to implode. I’m learning more about biodynamic farming and would love to have my own animal sanctuary/organic garden one day. 🐾 👩🌾 Being an advocate for our planet is a huge passion of mine and i would like to make that more apart of my life’s work. 🌎 .

Action movies, red 🍷 and #bachelornation are my little basic pleasures (no $hame) and meditation, fitness, and #yoga are my saviours. Yin and yang ☯️ baby.


I’m also a Capricorn ♑️ sun(tenacious high achiever) Pisces ♓️ rising (creative emotional dreamer) and Taurus ♉️ moon (stubborn sensualist). My enneagram is 2 (the helper)😊my dosha is vata-kapha, and my aura is purple (free spirited artist) and indigo (empathetic healer)💜 .

Basically I want to create good shit, eat good food, and help heal the world. In other words, Oprah and I are like almost the EXACT same person.✌✨😂