While it’s not technically fall, it sure feels like it. At least here in PEI. The winds are cooler, the air is crisper, the leaves are falling (but that might be due to the remnants of Hurricane Dorian). It feels like a new YEAR to me, let alone a new season. Forget January, I always feel like September is the kickoff to fresh starts. Anyone else?

Maybe it’s because the beginning of school, or that the fall equinox is around the corner, or maybe it’s the symbolism of summer transitioning into fall — fun and frivolity has turned into all organization and business, and new routines YES PLEASE. After the ups and downs of this past summer, I am ready for something more clear. But how do we bring clarity to our lives? Boy, if I had a nickel for every moment I asked myself that question I would be a Rockefeller by now (or at least a modern day rich person).

So often with change and transitions, there’s a feeling of overwhelm. Where do I go? Which option do I choose? How can I bring change into my life that is still a reflection of myself and my ideals? How do I integrate a new vision with one that still feels and looks like me? These are questions I’ve been asking myself lately as I look into new opportunities and think of new five-year plans. Who am I kidding? I never have five-year plans. More like a one-year plan. But, still. A plan. A map. Some sort of intention. 

It’s hard to hold onto a new vision when there’s a lot of unknown variables. The unknown = fear. Fear = anxiety and feelings of “I don’t know what to expect, so maybe I will stay here for a bit longer” which then turns into “But I don’t want to stay here anymore! But how can I move forward when I don’t know x, y, or z?”

Not surprisingly I am getting to know my old friend, Surrender, again. Surrendering is one of my soul’s biggest lessons in this lifetime, and it’s something I have to learn and relearn all the time. Surrendering means…sitting in the reality of a situation without forcing it. It means trusting where I am being led even if that means not doing anything right now (which is SUPER hard for me). It means practicing peace without micromanaging the moment. It means accepting the moment for what it is, and looking for opportunities rather than obstacles.

Listening and tuning into my energy is also key for me, and I’m getting better at it every year. How do I feel right now? How does this idea make me feel? How does this other idea make me feel? Am I forcing or am I allowing? Because when I force…I feel shitty. And nothing seems to ever turn out. When I allow…it’s scary but somehow it always feels more freeing, and the good things that are meant to be are *allowed* to show up. Soooo…instead of fighting I am choosing to flow (kicking and screaming a bit, but still…flowing). I’m going with it, even if it doesn’t make sense to those around me. Even if it doesn’t make sense to ME! Because, real talk, it often doesn’t (again, VERY scary but still…going with it).

What are you being called to do now? Where’s your energy and attention naturally going towards? How are you allowing life to show up for you? What intentions do you have for this new season? I have a few! Ranging from the long-term (career, new city) to short-term (hobbies and fitness). I know it’s difficult to get into the swing of things, and it’s even harder to surrender the old and allow the new to show up for you, but I’m here to remind you that we got this. ✨⚡️

xo Brianne