DO YOU with Brianne Hogan

Welcome to DO YOU – an empowering space for those who want to DO life authentically.

Join Canadian writer and author Brianne Hogan (Washington Post, BuzzFeed, Elle, BBC, Men’s Health, etc) for conscious and cosmic conversations with healers, artists, entrepreneurs, coaches, and experts on what it means to live life less conventionally and more authentically. How do we own and accept who we are right now? What does it mean and look like to break free from old paradigms to cultivate a more authentic self? How can we come to know and embrace who we truly are and create the life we want? In essence, what does it mean…to DO YOU? And can we have fun doing so. Short answer: YES, BABE!

For all the late bloomers, wildflowers, and the outsiders who think they’re running behind or doubt their own journey yet long to live a life aligned with their soul, this is a place for you. Get ready for some heart-centered and honest chats, and lots of laughs.

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