Hi, I’m Brianne Hogan. I’m a Canadian. I like feeling feelings, and I’m a proud cry baby and late bloomer. I’m also pretty sure I’ll have bangs forever. 

Things I write about: Relationships/dating, astrology, wellness, including fitness and nutrition, pop culture, and myself. Sometimes I write about my mom, too. I like to write about the things that LIGHT ME UP. 

My education: The world! But I’m also a Dramatic Lit & Film Studies graduate of New York University, an acting school drop-out, as well as a long-time learner at The Second City in Toronto. I’ve also worked as a certified personal trainer and healthy eating coach because I’m obsessed with the body as much as Cameron Diaz.

Places I’ve called home: Florence, Italy, NYC, Vancouver, Toronto, and currently, Prince Edward Island.

My work! My writing has been featured in numerous North American publications, including Elle Canada, Flare, HelloGiggles, Yahoo! Lifestyle, Organic Authority, Thrillist, HuffPo, Ravishly, Astrology.com, Horoscope.com, Awesomeness TV, She Knows, The Toast, The Billfold, Zoosk, She Does The City, Creative Screenwriting, among others. I’ve also been interviewed on various radio stations/podcasts and publications for my relationship expertise as well as to discuss some of my most intriguing articles, like The Most Overrated Places to Have Sex and Why I Won’t Go to Your Jack and Jill Party (I really won’t).

I’m a huge HUGE animal lover and nothing makes me happier than my black cat, Dylan (who’s a girl). My favorite movie is a tie between Jurassic Park (Jeff Goldblum’s chest is life) and Dirty Dancing (Baby is me, and Johnny Castle is the Dream). I’m obsessed with the BBC, Hallmark movies (Omggg don’t tell anyone!) and pretty much all cooking shows. I also tweet A LOT about The Bachelor franchise. When it comes to books, I’m inspired by so much but David Sedaris has a special claim to my writer’s heart — and not just because we share a birthday (okay, that helps a lot because I feel we’re basically blood brothers).

I’m all about VULNERABILITY. As I fight to claim and honour my own through my work, and my life, I hope to inspire others to stand in and speak their own truth. Courage and honesty is SEXY, people. Whatever lights you up? THAT’S what we want to know more about. That’s what we want to FEEL from you.

My #EndGame: Radical self-acceptance, love, and, more love.

If you want to hear more from me, I also write a (sometimes) weekly newsletter, which you can subscribe to here.

I’m also represented by the awesome Eric Smith at P.S. Literary Agency