Brianne Hogan

Hi, I’m Brianne Hogan. I’m a Canadian Capricorn. Which means I’m a super polite Type A personality who’s also stubborn AF. But I also am a Pisces Rising, so I like feeling feelings A LOT. 

Things I write about: Relationships/dating, wellness, including fitness and nutrition, astrology, pop culture, and myself. Sometimes I write about my mom, too. I like to write about the things that LIGHT ME UP. 

My education: The world! But I’m also a Dramatic Lit & Film Studies graduate of New York University, an acting school drop-out, as well as a long-time learner at The Second City in Toronto. 

Places I’ve called home: Florence, Italy, NYC, Vancouver, Toronto, and currently, Prince Edward Island. 

My work! My writing has been featured in numerous North American publications, including Elle Canada, Flare, HelloGiggles, Yahoo! Lifestyle, Organic Authority, Thrillist, HuffPo, Ravishly, Awesomeness TV, She Knows, The Toast, The Billfold, Zoosk, She Does The City, Creative Screenwriting, among others. I’ve also been interviewed on various radio stations/podcasts and publications for my relationship expertise as well as to discuss some of my most intriguing articles, like The Most Overrated Places to Have Sex and Why I Won’t Go to Your Jack and Jill Party (I really won’t).

I’m a huge HUGE animal lover and nothing makes me happier than my black cat, Dylan (who’s a GIRL). My favorite movie is Spotlight (I could watch it everyday) and I’m obsessed with the BBC, Hallmark movies (Omggg don’t tell anyone!) and pretty much all cooking shows. I also tweet A LOT about The Bachelor franchise. And I’m probably more inspired by Mary Anne Saves the Day from the Babysitters Club series than any other book I’ve read (which is A LOT).

I am all about VULNERABILITY. As I fight to claim and honour my own through my work, and my life, I hope to inspire others to stand in and speak their own truth. Courage and honesty is SEXY, people. Whatever lights you up? THAT’S what we want to know more about. 

Annnnnd I write a (sometimes) weekly newsletter, which you can subscribe to here.


🌸💕Showering is always optional as a freelance writer but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Seven years ago I decided to write. Writing was always something I did since I was a kid, but I finally had my aha moment that I could do it for a living. I freelanced for a couple of years, writing everything from cottage rentals to fashion to city news. I didn’t know much about these topics — certainly wasn’t an expert — but I said yes anyway. When I was offered an assistant web editor job a year later, I had little experience with social media and editing, but I said yes anyway. When I was put into a senior editing position a year later, I didn’t have experience with overseeing magazine layouts or interns or difficult personalities (including my boss), but I said yes anyway. Four years ago I left my full time editorial job to pursue freelancing. I didn’t know if I’d be able to support myself financially or whether I’d have work published, but I said yes to myself anyway. All these years later, I have written for numerous online and print publications, and I am able to support myself financially through my writing and I get to write about things I love (no more cottage rentals!) It’s not always easy, but it all started with my saying “yes” even when I wasn’t sure. Even when I didn’t think I had the experience, the knowledge or the smarts, or even the coolness factor (whatever the eff that is). I still have my doubts as I look to improve and grow my career (being a perfectionist is often a curse) but I think back to where I started and how far I’ve come, and it was all about saying “yes” and knowing I’ll figure it out later. So let’s keep saying yes to the things that we want even if we don’t know how, even if we’ve never done it before. Because if you don’t say yes, it’ll always be a no. 💕

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